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A Wine Getaway to Würzburg, Germany

Würzburg may be one of Germany’s most overlooked destinations, but for wine lovers, this city holds a truly unique and enjoyable experience. Located in northern Bavaria, in Franconia, Würzburg sits majestically on the Main River. And with numerous sights to see and places to eat and drink revolving around the region’s wine, visitors can get a true taste of everything that this charming area has to offer. Visitors to Germany should take advantage of this localized experience with amazing wines, gorgeous surroundings and locals that extend the highest levels of sincere hospitality.

Wine is the heart and soul of this region – both with the more famous wine estates and the smaller, family-operated wineries. Many of these establishments offer tasting classes, hikes, guest rooms and wine festivals; with the summer and autumn months being especially popular for travelers in search of their new favorite wine. Make the most of your time by including these festivals, sights, and restaurants into your getaway plans to discover the true treasures of Würzburg. You will not be disappointed, and like so many other visitors over the years, you will most likely fall in love with Würzburg too!