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I Use Yoga Guarantees Balance

For anyone who has spent time in Detroit, it’s no surprise that this wildly adventurous destination is known as America’s great comeback city. With a rich history of automobiles being the center of attention, it’s the passion that the Detroit locals have for their city that ensures a prosperous future. I Use Yoga is a prime example of this passion, as this company is Detroit through and through, and now launching their product line’s new e-commerce website that brings this passion to an international audience.

“The company being in Detroit is everything to us since we are Detroit natives who strongly believe in the City, and want to help play a role in its revival,” said Jesse Fenton, President of I Use Yoga. “We see huge opportunities by having the company in Detroit, as it’s on the rise of being a great American city once again.”

Also being a yogi myself (as often as time allows at least), I am always interested to learn more about the companies entering the industry, and knowing the inspiration behind this brand makes it truly unique. In the case of I Use Yoga, the message of “addiction with intention” established by founder Aaron Fenton is still at the core of the company’s mission, now carried out by his brothers, Jesse and Kyle Fenton. The product line allows for this message to be delivered to the world in a cool way that celebrates positive addictions in the search of balance, while also helping those who are overcoming negative struggles along the way.

“Kyle and myself felt strongly about continuing the mission that our brother Aaron started, which was raising awareness about addiction and mental illness, and how yoga can be an outlet to deal with these life challenges,” explained Jesse Fenton. “Yoga is largely about finding balance and centering yourself; avoiding outside distractions by focusing on your breathing and learning to appreciate every breath.”

In speaking with Jesse Fenton about the brand, there is certainly no shortage of determination and passion by the family and friends supporting this launch. Knowing the yoga industry’s constant desire to encourage balance and transformation of the mind and body, I Use Yoga has a message that will surely be embraced by the Detroit community, as well as the international yoga community. Without forcing any ideals or beliefs, the company simply looks to provide an open community for those using yoga to battle other addictions, or simply those looking for a balance within their everyday lives.

The company is now evaluating Detroit non-profits that share their mission, as a primary goal is to now collaborate with these local charities so that a large portion of the profits can be given back to Detroit through these long-term partnerships. For anyone in the Detroit area, the company encourages you to visit them to learn more about the brand first-hand while they are at Yoga Rocks The Park August 9, 16 and 24, as well as September 6 and 14. (3000 Fuller Road, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48105)

“The lessons learned in yoga can help us overcome any obstacle we encounter on a daily basis,” added Jesse Fenton. Regardless if you’re a hardcore yogi; or like me, and simply have a passion for practicing yoga as often as possible for the sake of balance; it’s always refreshing to see a company like I Use Yoga enter the industry with a mission, and a message, that’s easy to support.