The Best DC Hotel Rooftop Bars & Lounges

Many think of Washington, D.C. as simply a place where Democrats and Republicans fight it out on a daily basis, but there is more to see and enjoy when visiting and living in the capital of the free world. Perhaps it’s because of the stressful lifestyle that so many of these politicians and others such as lawyers, publicists and lobbyists experience every day that they are in search of a place to escape their offices and enjoy some fresh air.

After a rather strange mix of weather in recent months, now is the time that these rooftop bars prosper. Of course, many of the clubs and restaurants also offer some level of outside service for dinner and drinks, but several D.C. hotels offer the ideal atmosphere to truly relax and enjoy an evening cocktail while watching another D.C. sunset slip away. Four out of five of these hotels offer an amazing destination for not only their guests, but also locals and others visiting to enjoy a bit of luxury while looking out over the rooftops of D.C. Cheers!


Capella DC: 1050 31st St NW | DC 20007 | T: 202.617.2400
Located in a beautiful area of Georgetown, this completely renovated property has the most exclusive rooftop pool, bar and lounge areas to D.C. with exceptional amenities, services and views. Unfortunately, you must be guest to enjoy any of these areas. Of course, if you’re a hotel guest, this feature is an added perk to provide the ultimate in privacy and service.


Donovan House: 1155 14th Street, NW | DC 20005 | T: 202.737.1200
A very pleasant surprise to discover this getaway. Not a very large space, but newly renovated and has a refreshed elegance, while still maintaining it’s youthful charm. Be prepared to wait in line for this location if you’re not a hotel guest, but the fairly priced drinks and menu items from Zentan makes for a great combination.


The Graham: 1075 Thomas Jefferson Street NW | DC 20007 | T: 202.337.0900
Another completely renovated property in the heart of Georgetown with a rooftop bar still less than a month old. If you’re looking to celebrate with friends or clients, this location has several very unique offerings, including bottle service, cigar menu and more specialized features. Simply known as The Observatory, this destination is already making headlines in the D.C. area.


Liaison Capitol Hill: 415 New Jersey Avenue, NW | DC 20001 | T: 202.638.1616
This seems to be a lesser-known location, but certainly worthy of a visit. A short walk from the Union Station area is Affinia Hotel’s The Liaison Capitol Hill. The rooftop pool and bar is not a huge area, but very well situated to sit back in their comfortable chairs and enjoy the evening. The swimming pool makes for a relaxing feature, as long as the swimmers don’t get too rambunctious.


The W Hotel: 515 15th Street NW | DC 20004 | T: 202.661.2400
Only a few steps away from the gates of the White House, The W Hotel’s P.O.V Roof Terrace is always a stylish getaway. Even with two bars and a very extensive drink menu, the views here always steal the show. An eclectic mix of furniture make this is unique experience. As with many of the W properties, this becomes a very popular destination so be prepared to face the local and tourist crowds looking for a great view with their drink.