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Brand Ambassador: The Newest Travel Accessory by Seiko

I was recently asked to test the Seiko Astron GPS Solar, but all feedback and opinions are my own, and based on my personal experience with the #AstronElite. With a thorough “test drive” of the Seiko Astron over the course of several weeks, and across several continents; I was able to gain a new perspective of the modern-day Seiko brand. I remember decades ago thinking I was king of the world with my calculator watch by Seiko; and while it’s clear that cutting-edge technology is still at the forefront for Seiko, the new Astron GPS Solar Chronograph is also focused on style.

The main feature I was curious to explore was the GPS function, which proved to essentially have the watch adjust to the local time just as my I-Phone would when traveling internationally. According to Seiko, the Astron receives GPS signals and identifies the time zone, time, and date using the global network of GPS satellites. In reality, it’s a rather minor inconvenience to simply check the time and change the settings, but to know it’s correctly adjusted without fail on the Seiko Astron was just an added bonus.

I must admit that the Seiko Astron is larger than my other timepieces, but once I had a few links taken out of the band, it was surprisingly light and comfortable to wear. The larger Chronograph style is certainly popular these days, and I found this particular model suitable and comfortable to wear during formal events, business meetings and even on the golf course. Not to mention the blue accents on the face were a great match with both my blue suit, and while dressed down in blue jeans.

Fortunately, in the case of the Seiko Astron, there’s never a battery to replace since it’s actually powered by all types of light; Astron is entirely self-sustaining and takes all the power it needs from any light source. This combined with the GPS function and the Perpetual calendar with day/date that is accurate up to February 2100; the Astron is a fairly carefree timepiece to own.

Overall, the Seiko Astron seems to be in a good position for the tech-savvy consumer of today. In my case, it was a plus having a stylish timepiece that could be worn in multiple situations with ease, and the GPS function that kept the correct time when traveling internationally. While the price is certainly more than the Seiko options in previous years, when compared to many of the other Chronograph models today, the Astron is priced fairly at just under $1,900.00 for the stainless steel models, and just under $2,500.00 for the titanium models.

With all of the accessories available to travelers today, and even with so many people not wearing watches as often due to almost everyone having a smartphone within reach at any given time, having a stylish timepiece when traveling will simply never go out of style.