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Brand Ambassador: Schick

I worked with Schick to create several online articles and promote the brand’s newest products and articles via social media. This was one of the primary articles…

Creating Better Shaving Habits | If you’re like me, you have a system when it comes to shaving that has been developed over the years, and we really don’t think about how we could possibly have a better shave. So, set aside the ego and force-of-habits that we all have, and consider some tips I’ve pulled together on creating better shaving habits.


  • Start the process by washing your face with your favorite soap or cleanser and warm water to remove the oils from both the hair and skin.
  • Keep the skin wet and moist to further soften the hair. If time allows, you can even apply a warm washcloth on the face and neck for 60-90 seconds to prepare the skin for a better shave.
  • Apply your favorite shaving cream or gel. If you’re going with the old-school shaving cream (often a favorite for many, with warm shaving cream being the best), apply in a strong circular motion. The more speed and pressure applied, the better the lather.
  • Shave in the direction that the hair grows. I know we hear this all the time, and it’s so easy to go against everything you know just to try to get that closer shave, but they say this for a reason – it’s very beneficial to the skin. Though there are a lot of suggestions, the most popular is to hold the razor at a 30-degree angle when shaving for the best possible results.
  • Once the shaving is complete, close the pores by washing the face with cold water. When drying the face, don’t rub, but instead, pat your face dry.
  • While I don’t think many of us include the final step to the process, by applying an aftershave product. Many of them do contain alcohol; so if you have sensitive skin, make sure to use one without alcohol. If it’s not part of your regimen now, give it a try, as the results just might surprise you.
  • Generally speaking, there are a few “words of advice” that most of the experts continue to suggest: First, don’t overuse the blades and know when to replace your razor; and Second, test the different razors out there to determine if the razors with more blades work well on your face, or if you are better with one of the single or double-blade options.

Good luck finding your best shave, and these tips certainly provide a number of ways to best take care of your skin before, during and after your ultimate shave. Besides, you never know when you might be teaching someone else how to shave, so it’s good to have your own shave perfected by that time.