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Chef Bernard Vaussion’s Culinary Event at Mandarin Oriental Bangkok

Known within the culinary industry as the “Culinary President” of France, Chef Bernard Vaussion will be sharing his amazing cuisine with guests at Le Normandie at Mandarin Oriental Bangkok from November 20-23, 2013. This is a monumental event, as it’s the first time Chef Bernard will be cooking in Thailand. Special guests of the restaurant will surely be inspired by his ingenious culinary exploration of flavors during exclusive event.

I was fortunate to have several minutes to discuss this exciting occasion with representatives from the property while Chef Bernard prepares for this week. Michael Nurbatlian, Marketing Manager at Mandarin Oriental Bangkok says, “We are excited at Mandarin Oriental to bring iconic chefs to Bangkok, as it gives the opportunity for our guests to meet celebrity chefs, experience Michelin star cuisine, and reinforce our reputation as being Bangkok’s premiere gourmet destination.”

It’s no surprise that Chef Bernard is amazing in the kitchen, but his love and affection for international flavors and influences allow him to provide sensational experiences for his guest’s senses. Chef Bernard says, “I have been to Thailand many times and I love the local hospitality and spicy cuisine. Thai people love to live and have fun. And the more I submerge myself in it, the more fun I seem to have.” Taking this inspiration with him into the kitchen of Le Normandie, guests are sure to be impressed.

The “Culinary President” of France has been Chef at Élysée Palace for over forty years, which is the official residence of the President of the French Republic. A very long-time member of the Club des Chefs des Chefs, he has served five generations of French Presidents and prepared meals for a number of international heads of states, including President Barack Obama.

This is how I choose to live my life: through cooking, I strive to dissolve hostility and bring nations closers. Gilles Bragard, founder of the ‘Le Club des Chefs des Chefs’ once said “la politique divise souvent les hommes, mais une bonne table les réunit toujours” (politics divides, while culinary unites). Through the Club I aim to continue my ambassadorship of authentic French gastronomy and promote healthy cuisine by using excellent products,” says Chef Bernard. Amazing words to live by, and for the guests fortunate enough to experience this culinary experience at the Mandarin Oriental Bangkok this week, they will surly leave both satisfied and inspired.