A Sweet Finish in San Francisco

For Bespoke Magazine – San Francisco | Winner of NATJA’s Writing Contest – Finalist >> Already an amazing culinary city, this story was a lot of fun, as it focused on what’s often the best part of the meal… dessert! These very talented chefs and restaurants who contributed to this story proved just why San Francisco is such a fantastic destination for that “sweet finish.” Thank you to Yigit Pura of Tout Sweet Patisserie, Baker and Banker, TCHO Chocolate and Tartine Bakery.

Bespoke_SF_Summer14_DamonMBanks_1 Bespoke_SF_Summer14_DamonMBanks_2 Bespoke_SF_Summer14_DamonMBanks_3 Bespoke_SF_Summer14_DamonMBanks_4 Bespoke_SF_Summer14_DamonMBanks_5

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