A Regal New York City Hotel Opening For The Quin

For The Examiner | It has finally happened after years of talk and renovations, along with a delayed opening date – The Quin has opened their doors officially as of 11:11am on November 11, 2013. The corner of 57th Street and 6th Avenue once again shines bright with the renewed sense of belonging. Opened as the handsome Buckingham Hotel in 1929, this corner was a favorite hotspot for a number of actors, musicians, dignitaries and politicians for the better part of the 20th Century. Today, The Quin is excited to showcase this beloved destination to their guests once again, featuring timeless elegance with modern conveniences.

The Overview:

With so many immediate influences in this energetic part of Manhattan, the property seems to be taking its cues from the nearby Carnegie Hall, Central Park, Museum of Modern Art and the trendy shops of 5th Avenue. Here, The Quin is now a beautiful convergence of nature, art, style and artistry for their guests looking for a peaceful retreat from the organized chaos of the streets of New York City. Guests are exposed to luxurious public spaces celebrating the hotel’s artistic heritage, including a permanent showing of works by acclaimed Irish painter Patrick Graham. Covering all the basics for a competitive New York City hotel today, the hotel offers “QUIN-tessential Assistants,” who are there to assist guests with any of their needs, as well as a state-of-the-art fitness center, inventive cuisine and several business opportunities for meetings and gatherings.

Rooms and Suites:

The rooms and suites here are said to be the absolute treasure of the property. As we all know, New York City hotel rooms are known to be small and often out of date, though recently updated. The Quin is making great strides to be competitive in this area by offering what they refer to as “intelligent warmth” with a mix of lacquered wood and sustainable materials mixed with chic custom furnishings, including Duxiana beds with Sferra linens, Nespresso machines and the Evolve Controls for the lighting, temperature and music. The property offers 205 guest options, with 27 suites, including several unique suites honoring O’Keeffe, Paderewski and Roth. However, none can compare to the over-the-top penthouse suite where the word “suite” seems to be an understatement, considering it stretches the top three floors of the hotel; providing its guests with three bedrooms, dining room that seats 12 comfortably and a 1,200 square foot terrace overlooking Central Park. This makes the terrace larger than most homes in the heart of the city.

Final Notes:

I am not associated with the Quin, but had reached out to their public relations team several weeks prior to the opening, and have been monitoring the progress of this hotel during the renovation. The artwork and finishes provide a modern opulence to this area of midtown, and the room furnishings and amenities are certainly a very large plus for the Quin. Like many of these historic buildings in New York, the windows are small and not the oversized floor-to-ceiling windows found in many of the newer buildings today, but they have seemingly tried to balance the small windows with luxurious interiors. From the looks of the public areas of the hotel, the Quin management (SLHSmall Luxury Hotels of the World) and the design firm of Perkins Eastman have done an exceptional job of fully transporting this property to modern day, while not completely letting go of the luxuriously original architecture and design. Once the Quin makes it through the first several weeks of opening setbacks, and is fully operational, I look forward to seeing much more from this hotel.

The Quin

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