The Kimberly Hotel | Manhattan’s Suite Deal

For Destinations Travel Magazine | With cities like New York, I always tend to have my favorite hotels for a variety of occasions and reasons: the size of the rooms, best brunch, afternoon tea service, rooftop bars, staff, amenities and spas, to name a few. In Manhattan, among my favorites is The Kimberly Hotel for their impeccable services from a staff that always goes above and beyond, and their amazing rooftop, Upstairs At The Kimberly

Kimberly Hotel | Damon M BanksKimberly 2 | Damon M. BanksKimberly 3 | Damon M. BanksKimberly 4 | Damon M. BanksKimberly 5 | Damon M. BanksKimberly 6 | Damon M. Banks

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