There’s Still Time To Rent An Entire Caribbean Island Resort This Year

For The Examiner | It’s that time of the year when many are trying to schedule just one more getaway before winter is officially upon us. If it’s not already on your radar, perhaps consider the British Virgin Islands. With beautiful weather (and still very early in the hurricane season), an entire island can be yours for a dream island escape. Whether this getaway can last a week, or extend to an entire month, the beautiful destination of Peter Island Resort and Spa can be available to you and your guests.

Many visitors looking for an ultimate getaway will take advantage of at least renting the three fantastic villas that Peter Island offers, but for those looking for the ultimate in exclusivity, a no-fly zone may be instituted upon request while you and your entire group can accommodate 32 Ocean View Rooms, 20 Beach Front Junior Suites and the three luxury villas. Located approximately 1,200 miles southeast of Miami and 70 miles east of Puerto Rico, most arrive by one of the ferry services via either the St. Thomas or Tortola airports. Once you arrive, you’ll quickly adjust to island life and begin to gain a better understanding of why so many people rave about this gorgeous Caribbean hideaway.

Family owned and operated since 1978, Peter Island is not only committed to their guest’s experience, but also place much emphasis on preserving this paradise. For this reason, only 300 of the island’s 1,800 acres have been developed. With a host of on-island and water sports available, there are simply too many to list. Beyond volleyball, tennis, kayaks, windsurfers and more, the highlight of your trip might possibly be in the tranquility of the exceptional spa. With over 10,000 square-feet of absolute bliss, you’ll be in very good hands while enjoying the 10 indoor treatment rooms, two outdoor bohios, couples suites, a beach-side Jacuzzi and a tranquility garden – all while looking out over the beautiful serenity of Big Reef Bay.


The villas on the island offer very unique options, and include the over-the-top Falcon’s Nest Villa, Crow’s Nest Villa perched high above it all and Hawk’s Nest overlooking the legendary Deadman’s Bay and Sprat Bay. According to sources, there is still availability for these unique holiday options during September and October 2013. Until then, the five private beaches, amazing villas and exciting island activities await your arrival. Bon Voyage!

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