10 of the Most Talked About Viral Campaigns

For The Founder | There was a time that having access to videos on YouTube seemed almost foreign, as was a marketing strategy based on something called social media. However, during these past ten plus years, the entire approach to marketing has been completely transformed. Today, the forward-thinking innovators and entrepreneurs are excelling simply because they see change, and instead of trying to hold tightly to the past, they tackle innovation head-on and change with the times.

With the multitude of distribution methods available today, marketing campaigns are far more accessible. Not only accessible, these viral marketing campaigns are also extremely inventive and developed to utilize all the available technology to reach the target demographics. These campaigns certainly hit just about every emotion, with some being heart-warming and inspiring, while others are simply there for pure entertainment.

Regardless of the overall message being delivered, it’s a digital world today; and when the public likes what they see, they are quick to “like,” “share,” “retweet” and more to instantly broadcast the message to a global community.

Apple – Misunderstood

Audi – Doberhuahua

Cathay Pacific – The Party Has Arrived

Coca-Cola – Social Media Guard

Ellen DeGeneres – The Oscars Selfie

GoPro – Red Bull Stratos

AT&T – Never Text and Drive with Tim McGraw

Mr. Porter – The Way I Dress with Mr. Johannes Huebl

Virgin America – Safety Video Dance

WestJet – Christmas Miracle


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